Single By Sunday are sometimes referred to as the love child of Blink 182 and Green Day, though of late ‘Glasgow’s Fab Four’ has also been added to the list.. To pigeon the band into one simple genre would be to do them an injustice. Their brand of melodic Pop-Punk also encompasses many of their individual musical influences e.g. ‘the jangly guitars of the Indie scene, metal breakdowns, vocal harmonies, rap, reggae, and the list goes on.

The band wear their musical hearts on their sleeves. They don’t just play what everyone else is playing; they play what they want to play and what makes them happy. This naturally transcends to their live stage shows, where they bring an energy that endears them to their audiences.

Single By Sunday have toured extensively in the US, playing an initial 17 dates from West to East coast America. They have also successfully toured in Germany, Canada and of course the UK, with two hugely successful headline tours. They were also invited to play (and happily accepted) on the Full Sail stage on the final Vans Warped Tour in Buffalo New York.

The band also played at iHeart radio (Dunkin Donuts Lounge) before playing a private show; entertaining staff at the world famous Z100 radio station in New York.

Their tour of Germany saw them engage with a number of schools to deliver their very important ‘Anti Bullying’ campaign.

Whilst the band have many highlights to look back on, they hold two of them particularly close to their hearts; being voted ‘Best Emerging International Artist’ at Toronto’s ‘Indie Week’ festival and also a very memorable performance at ‘First Night Boston’ to a crowd of 50k+ with television coverage by NBC10.


Lead Singer

Rhythm Guitarist

Makes Awful Jokes

"I knew Jonny from high school and we'd done some previous acoustic songs years before S.ß.S formed, but this has been the most fun and exciting musical venture that i've put my time into. I think you can always creatively feel something happening at our gigs, and our fans always make us feel like we deserve what we've achieved."


Backing Vocalist

Lead Guitarist

"I actually knew Josh from high school and Jack from, Music, College.

Pulled the guys together in July 2O15 & we're still having an awesome time doing what we're doing everyday!

If it wasn't for our fans coming to our shows and hanging out with us , I don't think it'd be fun anymore."


Backing Vocalist / Screamer


"I met Jonny in college, we were both in bass class together. He asked me if i liked Taylor Swift one day in the elevator and since then we've become close friends. I think the best thing about the band is being able to tour / travel and just see so many new places."






"I first picked up the drumsticks aged 7 and have since developed a characterful and energetic style. I've played in a vast range of bands, from rock to marching. I've actually performed for HM The Queen, toured in America and The Netherlands. I hope to soon be touring the world and to headline the pyramid stage at Glastonbury festival."